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Stenciletto FAQs and Contact

Stenciletto FAQs

1. What is Stenciletto?

Stenciletto is a fun shapes-based mobile game designed around cognitive education theory.

2. What IQ is needed to complete the puzzles?

There are 3 graded levels –  easy, medium and challenging for all ages and abilities. The rules are exactly the same for each level. Players should chose a level depending on their age and IQ. The training level will help you identify your initial playing level.

3. Is the app is free, or does it cost?

The app is free with in-app purchases. The training level is completely free, this contains 105 graded puzzles to teach players how to build patterns with up to 7 shapes, plus introduces composite stencils, where 2 stencils join together to make a single shape. There are 3 levels, easy medium and challenging. The first 15 puzzles on each level are free.

4. I’m stuck, where do I find help?

‘Hints & Tips’ (Home Page Dark Blue Tab) gives you lots of information. Go to  ‘Help features’  to learn about the ‘Helping Hand’ and ‘View Solution’ buttons. These are free to use during training games, but after that they cost a life. 

5. I prefer peace and quiet. Where do I turn the music off?

In ‘Settings’ (Home Page Yellow Tab) press the ‘stop’ button on the music player.

6. Can I turn the timer off? I need a longer time to do it. 

No, the timer cannot be turned off, it’s used to calculate your scores. But the timer doesn’t start until you tap a shape, so take as long as you need to think. In our beta testing, players said they preferred the version with the timer as it added excitement. 

7. The scoring doesn’t make sense. 

The score resets after loss of a life, but not to the full 100% value. So you may get a higher score if you abandon a puzzle and start again, but you’ll lose a life. This strategy only works when you have lives to spare and are confident you can win more, or if you’ve purchased immortality and have endless lives.

8. Why can’t I ever get 100% on the time score?

Because it always takes some time to complete the puzzle, however fast you tap.


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