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About our games and apps

Indie games to make you smile!
Some of our Smiley heroes and heroines!

Smiley World Games

Welcome to SmileyΒ World Games, where you’ll find details of our upcoming games and apps – all full of animated Smiley characters to provide hours of fun and entertainment.

Who are we?

Q4 Technologies is an innovative indie games company using alternative software to bring you a totally new gaming experience.Β We create top quality games and apps, and as a matter of fact, have an award-winning history of educational software development. We never copy anyone else’s ideas. To put it another way, all of our software is absolutely original in both concept and execution.

In order to stand out from the crowd, we have developed our own gaming platform. As a result of this, all of our software is built using super-fast vector graphics that scale to perfectly fit whatever device you’re using. For this reason, our games look differentΒ  – as well as playing perfectly on all devices all of the time.Β 

New games and apps

We’ve got several new games and apps under development at the moment. Our first game is a new, logical puzzle game called Stenciletto, in which you have to sort out stencils into their correct order. Hence the name Stenciletto, in other words, ‘Stencil Game’.Β  You can download this game from any of the major App Stores. It runs on both iOS and Android operating systems.

We’re also close to completing the Smiley Advent Calendar, This is – we believe – the tallest advent calendar in the world! In this advent game, you’ll be joining Cruise Ship Captain Mary-Rose for an advent cruise from Β the Southern Hemisphere up to the North Pole. Along the way, you’ll learn golden nuggets of frivolous information. These will certainly come in handy at some point during the Christmas festivities!

Our memory game is still just a twinkle in our eyes at the moment. All we can say is that it’s at the planning stage, where a good bottle of wine is essential for generating lots of great new ideas. Fortunately for you, we ditch the wine when we move into the development phase!