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Stenciletto shapes game

Image showing target pattern and 12 geometric shapes
Stenciletto  is a shapes based brainteaser to stimulate your cognitive intelligence!

Stenciletto is a shape-based brainteaser designed to stimulate your cognitive intelligence! Solid and cut-out shapes (stencils) are placed one on top of another to make a pattern. Copy this pattern precisely, starting with the solid shape at the back and finishing with the top shape.

Game history

This shapes game is not new. It was created in the 1920s, and back then, players had to copy a printed pattern using paper stencils. In the early days it was used as a logical reasoning (IQ) test, but in later years it was used to teach critical thinking skills.

The aim of the game

The aim of the game is to stimulate your cognitive intelligence by challenging your thinking skills, especially your visual perception and logical reasoning.

Good visual perception is key to solving the puzzles. You need to really look at the shapes, rather than just quickly glancing: most mistakes are due to poor visual perception rather than incorrect logical reasoning. 

Accurate logical reasoning is vital. Because you can only see a little bit of each stencil in the pattern, you must work out  which stencils are in use. The only shape that’s fully visible is the top one, so that’s the easy part.  The shape at the back is always solid – so that’s easy too. But what shapes are in the middle? That’s the tricky bit for you to solve.

Stenciletto is available in two formats. The static version (shown above) is for social media and web-based newspapers and journals. Click here to play these games now.

Stenciletto mobile game

A  mobile version of this brainteaser is available. In this version, you can manipulate the stencils into position and see your pattern developing as you go along. If you make a mistake, you can take the stencil off and try an alternative one.

However, some words of warning!

  • Once you tap a shape, the timer starts.
  • If you haven’t thought about your solution carefully, you run the risk of running out of time!
  • If you tap before you think, you will fail.
  • If you think before you tap, you will succeed.

Restraining your impulsivity is essential. The urge to tap a button can be overpowering, but trial-and-error behavior rarely solves a problem correctly. Remember: impulsivity is the enemy of critical thinking skills!

Taking your time and using logical reasoning is a far more effective solution. Once you work out a solution, simply tap the shapes to see if you’re correct. 

Most puzzles are solvable in less than a minute, and there are 15 puzzles in each game. It’s a little brainteaser you can pick up and put down again very easily. 

There are 4 ability levels, from very easy to very challenging, including a training level which quickly takes you through all the various scenarios you’ll encounter. 

And, as a reward for completing 15 puzzles, you’ll win an animated Smiley character! 

Leaderboards are available in this game for those of you who like the challenge of becoming a world champion. Plus you can send challenges to your friends and family.

(When available ) Stenciletto is on the AppStore, Google Play, Samsung Galaxy Store and the Amazon Fire Store.