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The World’s Tallest Advent Calendar!

Christmas calendar 2023
The advent cruise stops at the North Pole for a Christmas celebration!

An advent calendar with a difference!

In this game, you’ll be joining Captain Mary-Rose for a Christmas cruise, from deep in the Southern Hemisphere right up to the North Pole. And, as you countdown to the big day, learn some entertaining stories for the Christmas party!

Captain Mary-Rose has a seafaring family background dating back to the time of Henry the Eighth. On this magical adventure, she’ll take you all over the world, from Bondi Beach right up to the North Pole for some stargazing into outer space. Every day, the ship will drop anchor at a different port-of-call, to meet the special smiley emojis who live there.

At each port-of-call,Β Captain Mary-Rose will enlighten youΒ with points of interest about your destination.Β  These golden nuggets of frivolous information will delight and entertain players of all ages – and will certainly come in handy at some point during the Christmas festivities!

Some of the deep and meaningful questions she’ll answer…

  • What do witchetty grubs taste like?
  • Who was Robin Hood’s wife before Maid Marian?
  • What is burgernomics?
  • Where might you find life in our solar system?
  • Why did Tutankhamun die so young?
  • Where would you perform a prairie-chicken dance?
  • Who was Peter Pomegranate’s sister?

The answers to these questions, and many more, can be found by playing this little game for 24 days.

This game is suitable for advent calendar lovers of all ages.Β 

(Available in app stores November/December only)


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