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Puzzle game

Puzzle game: work out which stencils are in the pattern, and the order they are in. Win a cute animated Smiley!
A new logical puzzle game to make you think and give your brain a really challenging workout, while rewarding you with cute animated Smiley prizes!

Stenciletto -the Smiley puzzle game!

Stimulate your cognitive intelligence with this new logical puzzle game! Stenciletto will make you think and give your brain a really challenging workout, while rewarding you with cute animated Smiley prizes!

There are no words, numbers or pictures in the puzzle, just simple stencils using geometric shapes. The game works like this: stencils are placed one on top of another, so they make a pattern, as shown above. Because you can see a little bit of each stencil, it’s possible to work out which stencils are used. To solve the puzzle, you must tap the stencils used, in the correct order, before the timer runs out. 

What’s more, you need to use your cognitive intelligence to do this. What do we mean by ‘cognitive intelligence’? Critical thinking skills are the building blocks of cognitive intelligence. Problem solving, logical reasoning and lateral thinking are just some of the skills you’ll be using, and sooner or later, this game will make sure you use them!

Most important to realize is that brain-training occurs during play, which means the more you play, the better your brain gets at doing the activity. However, as you get better at solving the puzzles, so the puzzles get a bit harder.

Motivational Smiley rewards

After a stimulating cognitive workout,  your brain needs time for reflection and a reward!

Stenciletto contains 32 games to play, each with a different Smiley for you to win. Each Smiley is based on an inspiring person from history, legend, film, sport and work –  famous people like Robin Hood, Wu Zetian and Anne Boleyn. Plus each life-like Smiley is fully animated. And – once you’ve won them –  the GIFs are yours to download and share!

A puzzle game for all ages and abilities

Stenciletto has four difficulty levels making it suitable for all ages and abilities:-

  • In the first case, there’s a training level to teach you how to copy patterns with up to seven stencils 
  • Secondly, for children, beginners, and people with cognitive disabilities, there are easy puzzle games
  • Thirdly, if you like relaxing with a straightforward puzzle game, there are moderately difficult puzzle games
  • And finally, for those of you who love an intense challenge, there are some really hard puzzle games!

Furthermore, there are two modes of play. Playing as immortal gives you unlimited lives. Playing as mortal is harder because you need to keep winning lives to stay in the game. You can challenge friends and family to play competitively on leaderboards (where the App Store permits them). Help and support features are on hand so you never get completely stuck. Parental controls allow you to control purchases and web access.

Beautiful relaxing music

Most importantly, you need to get in the right frame of mind to solve tricky puzzle games! To help you do this are ten beautiful relaxing soundtracks.  You can control the music, select and repeat your favorite track, play them all in order, or simply turn it off if you need peace and quiet to concentrate.

Summing up…

  • Logical and quick to learn puzzle game
  • Win and share 32 fun animated Smileys
  • Improve logical thinking skills
  • Puzzle games for all ages and abilities
  • Two modes of play – mortal and immortal
  • A great time killer providing hours of entertainment
  • Super-smooth vector graphics
  • Ten beautiful relaxing music tracks
  • Integrated help and support

A brand new gaming experience!

Stenciletto is will give you a brand new gaming experience! In order to stand out from the crowd, we have developed our own gaming platform. As a result of this, all of our games and apps are built using super-fast vector graphics that scale to perfectly fit whatever device you’re using. For this reason, our games look different  – as well as playing perfectly on all devices all of the time. 

Android or Apple iOS?

‘Stenciletto – the Smiley puzzle game’ is available for all mobile devices and tablets running either Android or iOS operating systems.  You can download it from the following app stores:-

  • Apple Appstore
  • Google Play Store
  • Samsung Galaxy Store
  • Amazon Fire Appstore

Watch Stenciletto in action!


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