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Indie games

Indie games to make you smile!
We are situated in a Georgian farmhouse along the pretty Shelford Valley, deep in the heart of Robin Hood’s county, Nottinghamshire.

Indie games development company

Q4 Technologies is an innovative indie games company using alternative software to bring you a totally new gaming experience. We create top quality games and apps,  and as a matter of fact, have an award-winning history of educational software development. All of our games and apps contain animated Smileys, inspired by famous people from all over the world. We have developed our own software to create our Smileys,  and the Smiley World they inhabit!

Alternative gaming platform

We never copy anyone else’s ideas. To put it another way,  Smiley World games and apps are absolutely original in both concept and execution. Have you noticed that many games follow roughly the same format? The reason being is that developers mostly use the same gaming platforms to create their games.

However, rather than following the crowd, we have developed our own gaming platform. As a result of this, all of our games and apps are built using super-fast vector graphics that scale to perfectly fit whatever device you’re using. For this reason, our games look different  – as well as playing perfectly on all devices all of the time. 

Our Mission is to make you smile!

Thinking ‘outside of the box’  has become a way of life for us. Especially enjoyable is being able to set our own deadlines.  And being situated in a pretty valley alongside the River Trent allows us to wander off on long walks to contemplate. This reflection time allows games to develop at their own pace. Indeed,  nothing is rushed to complete any artificial deadline.

On the negative side, the games and apps we love creating do take a very long time! As an illustration, Stenciletto took nine years from the research stage to seeing our ideas finally come to life. Nevertheless, it’s exciting and fun to achieve our goals whilst giving you a new game to play. And, at the end of the day, we love making you smile!


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