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Brain Training – think before you tap!

There are 3 simple stages to solving a Stenciletto puzzle…


LOOK! What can you see? Good visual perception is key to solving the puzzles. You need to really look at the shapes, rather than just quickly glancing: most mistakes are due to poor visual perception rather than incorrect logical reasoning. 

THINK! Accurate logical reasoning is absolutely vital! Because you can only see a little bit of each stencil in the pattern, you must work out which stencils are in use. The only shape that’s fully visible is the top one, so that’s the easy part. The shape at the back is always solid – so that’s easy too. But what shapes are in the middle? That’s the tricky bit for you to solve.

TAP! The urge to tap a shape can be overpowering, but trial-and-error behavior rarely solves a problem correctly. Restraining your impulsivity is essential. Taking your time and using your intelligence is a far more effective way to solve a problem. Once you work out a solution, simply tap the shapes to see if you’re correct. 

However, some words of warning!

    • Once you tap a shape, the timer starts.
    • Tap before you think and you’ll fail.
    • Think first – and you’ll succeed!

Most puzzles are solvable in less than a minute, and there are 15 puzzles in each game.

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